Le vélo réinventé.

The urban commuter's best friend

"The future of intelligent bike connectivity." 

"Makes biking a much safer mode of transportation."

"The best invention since the wheel."

Le vélo réinventé.



Redécouvrez votre ville

The easiest way to get from point A to point B. Just input your destination in the app and let SmartHalo guide you with simple turn signals. 

Turn-By-Turn + Compass

You decide how you get to point B.

Routing Engine

Optimize your path or find new ones.

Bike Locator

Dude, where's your bike?


Light your way at night.

SmartHalo's night light will guide you during night time. Since SmartHalo stays on your bike securely, you don't even need to think about removing it after your ride. 


Lighting only when needed.


Protect your bike from theft

As soon as you leave your bike, SmartHalo turns its motion triggered alarm on. Any persistent meddling with your bike will trigger a loud alarm. When you come back, it turns off automatically. 

110 dB alarm

Thieves beware.


Out of batteries? No problem.


Set goals. Get fit.

Unlike regular fitness apps, SmartHalo measures your cycling metrics automatically as soon as you start any ride, no need to press "start" or "stop". 


Keep track of your riding data.


A visual performance indicator to surpass yourself.


The commuter's swiss army knife.

SmartHalo's Assistant provides features to improve your daily commute such as call notifications, a clock display and a bell (coming soon).

City-proof anti-theft design

Impossible to steal

Impossible to steal

What makes SmartHalo truly smart is the fact that it remains on your bike at all times. This is made possible thanks to our custom HaloBase™ that fits on any standard handlebar. Want to remove your SmartHalo? Only you can, thanks to your unique HaloKey™. 

Long battery life

Long battery life

Since SmartHalo is to remain on your bike, it needs to last between charges. That's why we crammed a huge battery in there: it'll last for weeks on regular commuting conditions. When it's depleted, simply remove the device with your HaloKey™ and charge over USB. 



SmartHalo is built to resist any type of weather. Just leave it on your bike, no matter what mother nature throws at it. 

"Loving my SmartHalo. It gets me round my city, helps me visit new places and tracks my fitness all in one! Added to which, it guards my bike with a pretty harsh alarm!"
-Jon, Amsterdam

"I love the alarm on SmartHalo! I can sleep soundly at night with my bike outside knowing no one is going to mess with it."
-Paige, Montreal

"I have never seen better way to navigate on my bicycle."
-Josef, Prague


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